The Power of Being Present

Don’t always feel that you need to be happy and if you are not then something must be wrong. Often this way of thinking leads to further depression and negative emotions which can blind us from experiencing our higher Self. The need to be something is a projection from our true nature. Just be in the awareness of the feelings that exist in this moment. In this moment lies the greatest work. To look closely at what is coming up, instead of where the best place to be is, is the strongest position you can have. This is the closest reach for self awareness to manifest its greatest miracles.

To feel and inquire in this position of ‘suffering’ or ‘disarray’ so much is revealed, so much that we tend to overlook from the projection of our expectations or longings. In this space, the magic of spiritual evolution takes place.

When a mountain climber begins their ascent they don’t look at the very top and stretch their imagination on how to latch a spike into the summit. There first goal lies within there reach. With slow calm solidarity and awareness of their current position they have the greatest power of reaching the infinite peaks that stretch across the sky. But every pull that brings them closer lies within their reach, always.

Steady the awareness in the present moment always. Let that be the sphere of fire from which you wield your greatest transformation. In this realm of magic, the projection of happiness comes to you instead of you having to chase after it. In this realm of magic, you become the mountain and the climber, the fire and the wielder of infinite light.


Path of a Seed – A Tribute to Rumi


‘Path of the Seed’

Keep moving toward the sun;
focus high, above the blinding soil,
clear away all that keeps
a seed from seeing its Light.

Grace has placed its rays
on the path of which you grow;
follow this amber jewel
to the place beyond the clouds.

Rain may pound your leaves
and push them down
around your stem,
but these are the messengers
from the One.  Receive them,
learn from them, let them
nourish your roots.

Just keep moving toward the sun,
until it pulls each petal back,
one by one, revealing
your ripened bud–
release your Self completely
into every, single, fleeting, moment
that your essence longs
to stretch itself freely
across the blue sky.

  – jeffrey vionito

The Position of Joy

gratitude by autumn skye morrison

The human mind

experiences joy

as a ‘cause’ for celebration.


The awakening soul

feels joy, and begins to see, that joy

‘Is’ the celebration.



In the process of spiritual awakening it is interesting how much attention is given to a practice based on the level of suffering that is experienced and identified with. For me personally, the sensations I have experienced from being released of mental suffering is what prompted me to surrender to a spiritual practice in the first place. When I first felt this release, I knew that I had found what I was looking for and began my journey with the intention of maintaining that position. And through the years it has helped evolve me in so many ways, each time, building a stronger foundation in this position of sacred joy.

However, I am just now opening up to a new discovery during one of my Self-Inquiry meditations and I wanted to share it with you. All this time I have been focusing on being the witness of my suffering so as to be able to observe, learn and maintain my position. But until now, I never considered the possibility that Joy may be, in a way, the same as suffering.

I think the easiest way to demonstrate this is to write it out like a formula and then discuss it further. Hopefully I can articulate this.


Action <— Sense of Suffering <— Awareness  —> Sense of Joy —> Action



In a state of awareness we become a witness to everything else unfolding, ‘Senses of joy and suffering’ as well as the ‘actions’ of both. However, when we live in the position of our senses our only course of expression is not to witness but to ‘do’. Through Awareness, the senses are the celebration, instead of the action being the celebration.

It is easy to see this in suffering. When people feel hurt or depressed, some tend to reach for something that will either numb or hide the feeling. Some may turn to chemical dependency, electronics, or any other action that will get them past this sense of pain. But through awareness it becomes easier to witness and observes these feelings without feeling the pain from them as much or if at all. In this viewpoint it allows us to work with it and understand it better, instead of reacting to it.

Picture a pot of boiling water. Living in the senses is like grabbing the pot without gloves and burning your hands. Immediately, you rush (into action) to the sink for cold water to treat it.   Picture the same pot of boiling water again. Living through awareness is like standing next to the stove and feeling the heat in the air coming off of the pot. At that point you know, that you must use gloves to handle the pot. An understanding and learning was created through this point of view.

When Joy is experienced through the position of the senses, our first expression is to celebrate through action. No matter what celebrating may be interpreted as, there seems to be a need to manifest it in honor of that joy.

When someone celebrates a birthday, most likely there will be a party. Celebration with friends, family, food, alcohol, or whatever a celebration may mean to that individual. There will be fun! And why not!? This is the human experience we are having so we absolutely should celebrate any moment that excites our soul! But living through the senses alone, there could be a tendency for indulgence and losing the perspective on the occasion and creating unhealthy situations. Just like if someone parties too much and they get drunk and put themselves in harm’s way. Or if someone celebrates by way of a big feast and they over eat at every occasion and become full, overweight and in a state exhaustion so they can’t fully be present. And in living through the senses we chance developing habits because we associate joy with eating or joy with intoxication. These are just two examples of many kinds.

Living through awareness allows us the opportunity to witness the joy. It gives us the ability to feel the connection that is created within that moment of joy and revel in it, without the need for action but just to experience joy itself. Joy becomes the act of celebration at a soul level. In that subtle space, no action is required. Just being present amidst joy and allowing ourselves to express this joy at a sensory level.

It’s not my intention to denote celebrating life in our own way. This is a human experience we are having, it’s meant to be lived at this level. But at the same time, I believe it would be a goal in my own spiritual journey, to develop that positional awareness of joy in order to find balance in it all. Gaining freedom from a lot of my own suffering has filled me up with great joy and it allowed for celebration. I feel it is time, to be still inside of this Joy and really feel every nuance of that divine bliss, instead of indulging my own senses in its honor, then growing numb to it. I want to feel it completely and celebrate this connection with the divine. In this way, I feel an even greater awareness can grow.


Essay and poem by:  jeffrey vionito

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I Wish I Was You


“I wish I was you and you were me,

oh how different this life would be”,


said the weeping willow to the ocean.


The tree swayed in want and waned,

losing the momentum it once gained,

in the prime of unstoppable youth

now standing in a slump and aloof.


Looking upon the ocean with envy,

as waves crash against the rock levy,

so peaceful yet full of jovial life

nothing ever planted or fixed in strife,


but enveloping a whole world like no other

each birth embracing you as a mother,

that eternally loves, giving and renewing

feeling each move without any doing.


You are waking calm in majestic spaces,

unattached by the many external faces

of whatever moves you quickly to land

you fill with their capacity to expand.


“I wish I was you and you were me,

Oh how different this life would be.”


Said the ocean to the weeping willow.


The ocean was reaching and lulling low,

losing momentum of the stormy flow

that raged in the flooding rain of its loins

drowning poor from these wanting coins.


Looking up toward a tree in complete jealousy

A dreaming current of wondrous curiosity.

You are always rooted and poised, silent and serene

never wishy-washy as a liquid ravine.


A willow is a humble sanctuary for all of humanity,

refuge to creatures and ones of winged levity,

that eternally gives without doing a thing

whether its winter, summer, fall or spring.


You sway in calm, with enlightened whips

of leaves echoing windy with the sound of my wavy tips,

and yet grounded in every give and take

That your supple limbs will bend, not break.


They gazed at one another feeling incomplete;

An ocean at the shore of a tree’s rooted feet.

As a witness I see the romance of this scene

a poignant paradox for together they are serene.


Incomplete is a product born of thought

at least that is what seems to be taught,

When factors begin to weigh either side

What matters the most begins to hide.


If only you loved you, and if only I loved me,

with no desire to be an ocean, nor one to be a tree,

but to enjoy the greatness inside of each other

oh how we would exist beyond bliss forever as lovers.


~ jeffrey vionito


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Catching Stillness and The Heart that Never Breaks Book Giveaway

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Jeffrey Vionito


The Only Dance There Is


I see a Sufi dancer,

swirling in the shadows

of my busy mind.


I feel a Sufi dancer,

flowing and flooding my senses,

turning each one blind;


to all the seeds

of separation, that I create

in search of the divine.


I turn around three times–

Backing away, to embrace another;

distance grows in thought.


I turn around six times–

and see the cosmic flurry of vision

a panic of blurry separation


bleeding into one.

I turn around nine times–

I forget myself, I say,


“is it my legs

or the flight of my robe

that raises me


like the full moon

eclipsed by the solar stillness

of my heart.


I turn around 12 times

and the world becomes my cradle.

I fall dizzy from seeking,


my desire is shrinking.

I lay on your ground in surrender,

never a moment so tender


As this one.

I am now calm and floored

with a mind


still spinning open

like a child’s spiraling top, twisted

against the smooth grains


of this wooden plane,

shining in an oaken reflection

of the one I found.


Is it you, is it me?

Spinning, in this divine resolve–

I begin to dissolve.


~ jeffrey vionito

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Mystical Balloons


Life lends itself to the living,

always finding the ways

to fill us up on the things

that will lift us high above.

Lighter than air, seems

a temporal wink

of the passing lady of time,

that helps us soar

on string and light,

making our deepest colors

glow warm and bright.

Thin is our skin

a brilliant veil that gives form,

making free spirit,

a measurable thing,

drunk on the wine of this wild life

as it tries to define a way;

sobering our elusive curves

so we don’t fly too far away.

But still we climb over time,

high into the unknown

beyond the weatherly burden of cloud

beyond the feathery guardians

that sing so loud

we climb and climb and climb and pop…

letting go of our string and knot.

Free at last! Free at last, to see beyond

this veil, and expand into the sky

that was always within–

waiting for us to finally exhale.


~ jeffrey vionito

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