I Know Nothing


Because when i say I know,

i really don’t, but something inside

Feels like it needs to justify;

To fool everyone, that i can fly

So happy, free and high.
But then–
Sometimes when i here truth,

I know it, and something inside

Keeps me silent and content;

Everyone may think i am clueless

But inside i am flying so high

Above the happy and free.

Of Storm and Light


Mighty grey beast Of the royal blue sky
flexing with all your flash and color,
Stealing the crystal prism from the king,
you try to run off with his noble robe.

A single manifestation of the noble place
acting as if you do, when you are being done.
You live with all the thunder of your maker
And yet subtly fear the return home.

You rage on into the late hours of night,
engaging senses of everything you meet.
Your temporal form holds an open space
For awe striking light to seep through.

When the sky draws you back in like a breath
I bet they will all write stories about you,
Remembering the feelings you would pull
From their dormant chests, remembering

How you lived brightly in that moment
While they boarded up windows and doors.
Hiding from the beauty of your light
Hiding from the beauty of their own light.

– jeffrey vionito




7am airport breakfast
Busy cafe, eating, drinking
Talking, everyone
Carrying their luggage
Trying to get somewhere.
A man sits at a piano
Entertaining his lament,
his song, a broken
Heart bleeding into keys,
Stopping my appetite
In tears.  Nobody raises up
To the pause in song,
Nobody pauses to feel it
Ache in their bones.
Nobody cries for the lonely
Except the lonely song,
That pulls them deeper
Into their desperate plight.

  – jeffrey vionito

Path of a Seed – A Tribute to Rumi


‘Path of the Seed’

Keep moving toward the sun;
focus high, above the blinding soil,
clear away all that keeps
a seed from seeing its Light.

Grace has placed its rays
on the path of which you grow;
follow this amber jewel
to the place beyond the clouds.

Rain may pound your leaves
and push them down
around your stem,
but these are the messengers
from the One.  Receive them,
learn from them, let them
nourish your roots.

Just keep moving toward the sun,
until it pulls each petal back,
one by one, revealing
your ripened bud–
release your Self completely
into every, single, fleeting, moment
that your essence longs
to stretch itself freely
across the blue sky.

  – jeffrey vionito

Waking Toes


These toes remind me
To keep moving.  To press firmly
And walk in confidence
Yet remain flexible
to the shifting terrain.
Some toes are hardened
With callouses,  thick like
An old buffalo’s hide
With miles of traveling
in them since birth.
Some are soft and tender,
As a baby’s cheek, warm and calm
After a morning nap; sometimes
The journey exists beyond feet
to the mind and soul alone.
But these toes, stretching out
before me, move forward; bringing
focus like the morning, as i rise
and stretch to the sky, pulling
All my waking energy
up through the One.


Possibility Breathes


Live in the awareness
That the exciting possibility
Of anything, can happen
In the blink of an eye;
Like crisp leaves, when they fall
From trees; coming home
To the smell of fresh baked
Cookies; falling from the sky,
Parachuting through the wind
Rushing up against the root;
Falling madly in Love
with an idea; growing
Up in the hunger
Of a coy pond rippling
With open mouths;
Feasting on possibility’s
Seeds falling into devouring
Soil;  giving back what
Has been received but full
And ripe with fruitful
Possibilities spilling over
Like a basket of hope;
But hope turned into action
Because possibility breathes…
Lifts us up from our knees;
Plants soft green leaves on trees,
And all that is needed
Is a clean window, harnessing
The sunlight; and a keen eye
For looking passed a glare,
To the reflection of the only one
That can add life to it all,
The only one who has the power
To feel the guiding light
Of possibility, leading back
To the only beginning
Of every experience perceived–
the awareness of One’s Self.

– jeffrey vionito