I Know Nothing


Because when i say I know,

i really don’t, but something inside

Feels like it needs to justify;

To fool everyone, that i can fly

So happy, free and high.
But then–
Sometimes when i here truth,

I know it, and something inside

Keeps me silent and content;

Everyone may think i am clueless

But inside i am flying so high

Above the happy and free.

To Abide in the Self


I dont know why i just cried reading this,  well maybe i do.  Sometimes it hits me pretty hard when i think of the personal evolution that keeps creating me.  I can feel the internal transformation taking place, the more i allow this ego of mine to surrender in guidance to the true nature of the Self.  It feels like nothing i have ever known yet at the same time feels so complete and comforting like an old friend.  I remember a life wrapped in fear of so many things that never existed, that were never real, it would shut me down from living my truth, to write and express myself at the most genuine point of who i am right here, right now.

Now i feel and understand what the wild flowers feel as they open up little by little to the sky.  How they unfold into their own unique purpose of being something they have never been before.  Raging in surrender to the One up above with all its light and rain, wind and blistering heat.

It is as if life has been forging a newer version of me every step of the way but instead of seeing it as witness from my higher self, i would see it through the limited view of my still unopened petals.

And although the road goes on forever, i cant help but look back into the distant reflections of who i was and smile wide with tears in my eyes for all that happened.  Every ‘good’ or ‘bad’ moment was and always will be a vehicle for my own personal evolution into Self Discovery.

To keep this awareness alive gives breath to life, just as Papaji says.

Peace and Love,

– jeffrey



Stay with me, she said.
Before you take this joy and run
to a world, of forgetting…

In this moment, stay —
Keep me with you, she told me,
And celebrate this life.

Revel in the romance
we share, before eyes wander
Into a passing dream,

Falling sleepily in a trance
of punch drunk thought
And hangovers that follow.

Remember, that i rose up
From the flowers, before i ever
dripped as honey from the hive.

  – jeffrey vionito

Picture by: http://www.sanatansociety.com/photoalbum/By%20artist/Pieter%20Weltevrede%20Art/Gods%20and%20Goddesses/Shiva-Shakti/index.html