Possibility Breathes


Live in the awareness
That the exciting possibility
Of anything, can happen
In the blink of an eye;
Like crisp leaves, when they fall
From trees; coming home
To the smell of fresh baked
Cookies; falling from the sky,
Parachuting through the wind
Rushing up against the root;
Falling madly in Love
with an idea; growing
Up in the hunger
Of a coy pond rippling
With open mouths;
Feasting on possibility’s
Seeds falling into devouring
Soil;  giving back what
Has been received but full
And ripe with fruitful
Possibilities spilling over
Like a basket of hope;
But hope turned into action
Because possibility breathes…
Lifts us up from our knees;
Plants soft green leaves on trees,
And all that is needed
Is a clean window, harnessing
The sunlight; and a keen eye
For looking passed a glare,
To the reflection of the only one
That can add life to it all,
The only one who has the power
To feel the guiding light
Of possibility, leading back
To the only beginning
Of every experience perceived–
the awareness of One’s Self.

– jeffrey vionito

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