I am Enough


Sometimes when spring comes early
Winter tends to struggle in its farewell.

And the spring leaves that once
Bounced on sunlit youthful limbs
Are forced to bear the weight of rain

Freezing them into frozen pebbles
Encased in the rigid prison of ice.

Frozen one, i see you clearly, as dark
green eminates from your cringing heart

I see the passionate soul longing
For the One that welcomed you here

Bright orange hope shining this birth
Anew, what does the winter want

That it keeps judgment’s bitter grasp on you.
But still something deep inside stays green.

As an internal clock keeps you rooted
To the core of your stalwart tree.

Spring leaf, i see your reflection
Without the sun, our paths parrellell

I too have experienced a different
Shade of hell, molding its experience

Fusing to my being, making an illusion
Of all i was seeing. But this i no shall pass

Says the beat of my heart and the hue
That oozes from your  passionate green

When the seasons strip it all away
And this vibrational color holds its sway

I am reminded of the Source
Of my own eternal root, the yearning
of my essence, echoing the words,

i am enough.

– jeffrey vionito

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