What Do I Know?


When i come from a place of knowing, whether it is assumed knowledge or factual knowledge, there is a potential of acquiring the persona of arogance.  Something inside me has the capacity to take a position and often can drive a narrow perception.  What works for me and my own evolution can somehow manage to shift from a blessing to a perception that everyone should consider livong in this way and from this point judgment arises.

But after the dust of arrogance settles i begin to see the remnance of a Rumi poem that says, “there are 100 ways to kneal and kiss the ground.”  Such wise words from a poet i admire so dearly.

The truth that rises for me, is that, this existence that i express is a mere point of energy in the universe.  And the goal of the universe is to balance all energies to create harmony.  Energy balances in the mode of rebirth, purification through constant preservation of what is, and transformation.  This unique variation of light that is me, needs what life is presenting to me  at this time as a means of self discovery.  And that alone is my own personal truth in this moment.  To project and judge others based on that very unique lesson onto someone else is to potentially create inbalance and conflict in my own life.

Sometimes its good to challenge the thought process of the status quo.  I believe that we are all here, as Ram Dass would say, “to walk each other home”.  At the highest level i see the Oneness that is, but to practice discernment in this practice is a lesson in itself.

Part of the intuition that guides us into our own self healing, counts on us to be open to receive all the subtle lessons we are intended to experience.  When we dwell in a fixed position or judgment it has the ability to create a loss of focus in the lens of our higher vision.

When i truly come from a place of ‘i dont know, please enlighten me,”  there is no room for arrogance.  Lending myself to the possibility that from the standpoint of a thousand perceptions, the universe is more than capable to guide each of us in finding a way to the one truth, is a freedom in itself.  Just an openness to what is, is a freedom in itself.  To find love and acceptance in the fact that Grace is the only vehicle that guides us, and that everything that presents itself is specifically there to be seen for my own personal growth, is a freedom in itself.  To just live fully in each lesson i can become an example for others to discover their own truth.  If others are open to the possibility of growing and evolving, how i live, should be message enough.  I alone, as I am, is enough.  To live fully in my own discovery with gratitude, is enough.

2 thoughts on “What Do I Know?

  1. Winding road says:

    Just beautiful! The moment we think we can’t be taught is the moment we lose our freedom.

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