Pursuit of Passion


Having experienced life so far i have started to realize that it all comes down to following your heart.  The pulse of existence lies in the call of all things that draw on our passion to live.  Everything that science tells me and spirit guides me to believe says that matter is formed by the constant repetition of energy.  And when we become passionate about something our entire being is responding to a letting loose and acceleration into that manifested pattern.  Just as if there is a cosmic wire connecting us from source to soul, our being responds when we engage the properties of that divine flow. 

In terms of electricity and the harmony of how the current travels, fear, social conditioning and resisting the passion to follow your heart can be like a resistor that is built into a circuit board.  It slows the energy flow and prevents the maximum output from taking place in our life.

It is my belief that just as a resistor is vital in the make up of a circuit, such precursors exist in certain points in our lives to help guide and help us adapt for whats to come based on our natural reoccuring pattern.  It is a part of the harmony despite the lack of understanding its purpose.  But ultimately we have the ability to break through that.  If the passion is strong enough, it will help us to transcend whatever inside of us resists our nature purpose.  By living through the call of all things that draw on our passion, we exceed the limitations of this life and fulfill our souls purpose.

– jeffrey vionito

One thought on “Pursuit of Passion

  1. Morgan says:

    I love this Jeffrey 🙂 Simply Marvelous 🙂

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