Nothing with a Twist


Nature always reminds me;
The river flows from the spring
And returns to the ocean,

The flower grows from soil,
And Blooms in fullness of the sun
Before it returns to the ground,

That volcanic lava flows
from the earth’s core to surface,
And returns to crust and mantle.

Behind senses, i witness it all
From the quietest part of who i am;
And it returns to me as a mirror.

The Source reveils everything.
Creating a world of discovery without;
removing the doer from the path within.

In divine union,

The spirit alone walks eternally,
Showing its reflection in the waters of life
As it ripples through time and space;

Beyond book, beyond pen with paper,
All that is Knowledge and wisdom rise up;
And Both return into the sacred unknown.

  – jeffrey vionito

2 thoughts on “Nothing with a Twist

  1. nice things to learn from nature

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