I Love You


‘I Love You’

I remember the first time.
We walked side by side
In the autumn twilight
of ankle high grass
that lined the road side.

The sky was crisp
And still; a dark shade
glowing of mystical notes,
All the while shining
Down on you.

I held your hand.
And i held three words;
coveting each one,
fearing the pain of being
hurt and abandoned.

That night i felt
The beauty of your eyes
remapping my world,
Drawing me inward
And bringing me home.

I remember that first time
I held your hand.  i held
these three words like a key
That could open the door
to my freedom;
And i gave it to you.

– jeffrey vionito

For my wife on our Anniversary today.

3 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both, and many more years of love in togetherness.

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