Sullen Beauty


I wish i could
untangle the weed
from your root, even if
It may kill you.  True,
the soil is ripe to grow in,
Yet seemingly, you stand
sullen in something
Noone else can see,
beneath the surface
Of what is foreign
and bizarre. But then
Your vision evades me
into a state of wonder,
And i ponder a question.
Tell me, who weeps
for the weeping willow,
whose beauty comes
not from perception,
but by the way
it sways in the wind
between the river
and the rain?
Who am i to say
its weeping?
What is this,
that is planted
inside of me,
refusing to see
The blessing
As it rises up,
In its  roots?

– jeffrey vionito

3 thoughts on “Sullen Beauty

  1. den169 says:

    Quite lovely in its writing and metaphoric play!

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