All Her Many Ways


She greeted me today
In forms beyond what this mind
Thought to be true.

Revealing herself in shades
of change, melting my learned ways,
Like a mistral drives a child

To warm blankets, she
enveloped me in her divine wings
so i can feel her warmth rise

up through my soul,
expanding me with every beat
Of sacred understanding.

In Love’s abandonment
i opened up to her secret whispers
giving myself to her completely.

I could of closed my eyes
To her light, i could have held
Onto my knowledge

Like blinkers on a horse
Pulling a cart overflowing with death.
But i didnt.

Today i sacrificed my death
For a chance at life, i surrendered to Love
For the sake living.

And i have never felt so alive
as when i saw her sacred sensual form
unveil itself in so many ways.

  – jeffrey vionito

Picture by: Winter Goddess | She | Pinterest

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