Glorifying Busy


There always seems to be a schedule in place.   Everyday short term goals are layed before us and calculated meaurements of time are strategically placed to ensure they are achieved.

We say to ourselves in the morning i will do this, then in the afternoon i will get this done and in the evening hopefully there will be time to work on this practice I have been working on all week.

Something in the back of the mind puts value on filling time up with busy-ness in order to validate a meaningful existence.  But what exactly determines a meaningful existence?  What validation is required to ensure ourselves that time was spent with the utmost quality and sincerity.

So often society conditions us to accomodate the act of multi-tasking in order to increase the efficient use of our time.  But what if time efficiencies were really measured not by how much we do, but how much we retain and acknowledge, respond to and develop?  What If, each moment of time we experienced in its fullest possible expression and observed it in all its completeness? And by doing so, avoid missing any details that would take away from the final result.   Wouldn’t that be considered the highest efficiency?

So much of our lives are made frail and temporal to the constant changing of directions within our day to day quest for acccomplishment.  But in the complete observance of each moment in its fullest expression there is a timelessness that reveals itself.  Time slows to an eternal stillness where there is no rush or panic, stress or anxiety.  It has the capacity to slow down, so much so, that even on ‘busy days’, the bustle of life doesnt hold us in its effect, the same way.

So this leaves the question, is busy-ness being glorified in your daily life, or is life being glorified in your busy day?  May we all find the strength and focus to manifest the latter part if that question.  It is true that accomplishments help effect positive change in our lives, but there is so much progress to be discovered in the details overlooked by being present in each moment, no matter how small and uneventful they may be.  Cherish each one.

– jeffrey vionito

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