Getting to What’s Real


Dealing with suffering and not learning to evolve from it is like picking at a scab, feeling the soreness of the wound and yet continuing to pick at it until the soreness feels normal.  Peace and comfort are never truly experienced or understood from this, until a bandage is applied, and there is a point of embrace to stop the repeated infliction.

So often life brings suffering in the name of financial misfortune, habit induced health issues, and societal inequities.  And i have seen generations of people grow accustomed to the dysfynction it all can bring in our lives to the point of where  it becomes a socially acceptable way of evolving a culture.

In a wounded state, society picks away at the wound until it starts to feel normal.  The media and entertainment industry find just the right playful angle to create a fun dillusion for the masses, and make it seem more acceptable.  But really what tends to happen is that the level of our humanity is recalibrated by the dillusions we feed into.  And as it all begins to feel normal, the wound grows deeper and more infected.

What is the real source of our suffering?  That in itself is an entirely different subject to address.   Everyone has their own view based on their own belief system.  But the main point of focus here is that sometimes the best thing we can do as a species is to be more discerning about what dillusions we feed into.

As the world evolves, society needs to develop a deeper state of awareness.  It is essential that people become more conscous and are willing to go down deep within themselves to bear witness to the wisdom of their own being.  Each of us have a subtle and innate divinity that flows into our daily life.  The more we feed into the suffering of our society by embracing the dillusions that deem it acceptable, the less we are prone to experience this eternal spring.

And it is only through the embrace of our inner truths, that we are able to let the picking away of these wounds subside, and allow the healing processes for a better world to begin.

– jeffrey vionito

2 thoughts on “Getting to What’s Real

  1. Beautiful piece of wisdom here….as always.
    Sometimes I imagine a world where all people look within themselves for inner peace, the media is silenced and we allow healing to take place through nature and love. I sound like a hippy here, but I really believe that it is possible. The capabilities lie within us if we choose to use them.

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