Seems Impossible, But True


Sometimes it can be real easy to wish our lives upon another reality.  Trying to find something different to bring happiness.  But maybe its not always a matter of changing the outward conditions.  Maybe it is our own perception that needs change.  Never be so quick to trade where you are for where you want to be, for in this place of wanting, there is another person staring back to where you are, wishing they were in your shoes.

“Seems Impossible, but True”

Somewhere in the open
Stretches of warm sand and sea
Shaded by leafy palms
Wind dancing in the taste
of a salty sweet breeze, someone
is sitting in discontent,
with a heavy mind sinking
In waters that keep returning
to the shore.  Someone Is wishing
they were someone else,
Doing something else, wanting
To be anywhere, but here.

– jv

5 thoughts on “Seems Impossible, But True

  1. den169 says:

    There can be so much pain when this freeing truth is not lived. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Joseph says:

    I think you are right – that maybe what people sometimes need is a change in perception. A quote comes to mind: “Seek not to change the world, but seek to change your mind about it.”

    • And it seems to be a stumbling block at times. Its like i would go through life being present and at random times i would get caught up in a sudden need to change my life. When all along it was just me, projecting it. Thats not to say we never need change. But i find that most need for change is manifested from a busy mind. You know?

      • Joseph says:

        Yes, I think I do. 🙂 Perhaps it’s because a mind at rest is at peace and doesn’t see a need to change that state … and I’d argue further that a busy mind has one real need … peace.

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