One Simple Reason


I come home from work
and the dirt of the day
sticks heavily on my mind.
Heated moments of labor,
condensed like a sweat,
clinging to what was once
so completely cool and calm.
I need a shower of peace
to wash away the residue
of what I can’t let go of.
So I become still as a child,
who has played too much,
and needs help to return
to composure’s beginning.
The whisper of this prayer,
allows me room to release
and  inner silence to expand.
I Lather myself in mantra,
over and over, in circles,
bead, after bead, after bead
of cleansing surrender.
Clumps of frustration
slowly wash away until
the glow of peace shines
throughout my being.
There are endless ways
to wipe the slate clean
and become renewed.
For me, this simple way
is something that I can do,
to get back to the start,
so I can be in gratitude,
of everything as it is.

– jeffrey vionito

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