Caged Beauty


What an amazing experience I had at the Fort Worth Zoo today.  Unlike visits to the zoo earlier in my life, becoming more aware these past few years has made me feel a lot more for these animals that are held captive for our entertainment and discovery.  I felt a deeper connection to the animals this time around and felt the lack of hope and ambition that they yearn for from their natural state.  I wonder if any of them even know what life was meant to be like for them, as many were probably born in captivity and away from their natural habitat.

Towards the end of the visit, as i was walking toward the bird exhibit, i saw this free uncaged bird sitting in the tree singing so happily along with the many migrating birds that are coming down here for the autumn season.  And i began to smile for the birds who sing of hope and Love in harmony.

Unfortunately, noone comes to the zoo to see the free birds in the open trees.  So i may have appeared quite odd to some as i took this picture.  Its more likely that society foregoes nature unless it is contained and captive, coveted and killed of its wild and free nature.  Meanwhile all the wild beauty that is longed for is overlooked right from their own back yards, in the trees and the parks.  Maybe the freedom they see in those animals appear foreign and harder to relate to.

It may seem harsh to speak this way but sometimes i feel this to be true.  But in the end i can only surrender to it all in compassion and kindness.  I can only find the love inside  of me to be in harmony with it unless i too become contained by it.  After all, isn’t a society that contains or enslaves another being also contained by the boundries of their own moral convictions?

Many walk around the zoo happy to see these animals maybe not aware of their lack luster for life.  But not everyone that walks freely is free.  inside the unique skeletal cage of every being is a madman or woman thirsting for life.  Do you know what holds you back from quenching this eternal thirst? Do you know how to let go of the things that contain you through your own grip?  Just questions i pondered during my trip to the zoo.


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