Autumn’s Avatar


I saw you fall from the sky today,
in leaves of saffron and orange.
You were laughing at the wind,
as it was tossing you about.
In all directions you would fly,
with wings from autumn’s king,
dropping leafy gold coins and rubies;
a prize befitting of your noble seed.
And you fly as a yellow sparrow,
catching light and carrying it away
with you, from its starry nest above.
Sometimes I look up and ask myself
if you know of the kingdom you hold,
in shedding away the tomb of beliefs?
Do you fear the grounding body’s decay,
or do you let go of your passing thoughts,
to reclaim the bounty of your thrown?
Embrace of transforming soil, consumes
attention with wisdom of the earth.
There is eternal freedom in giving yourself
back to the One, that let you soar,
from your branch and root, way up high.

– jeffrey vionito

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