There are too many reasons
Why ‘i-will-not’, and reasons
Keep growing like weeds,

Suffocating ‘i-cans’
With ‘can-nots’, spreading
Like infectous disease.

A garden of goals wither
to winters of ‘won’t’, and sleeping
in the warmth of ‘may-be’,

A good season is passing
Behind me in ‘should-haves’, Thinking
‘next-time-i-will’, probably.

But what if i grew ‘I-cans’
like a wandering jew, planting
Each clipping, one by one,

And never looked back
On ‘should-have’s’ or way ahead
To the ‘next-time-i-will’ garden.

What if i keep moving
Little by little, one task at a time
To rebuild this life

In moments of watering
succculent hope, as ‘can-nots’
fall fast from their strife

I could cover a world
In beauty from within, clippings of ‘i-can’
To a field of dreams come true,

And watch as it spreads,
beyond my reach, inspiring others
To possibilities anew.

– jeffrey vionito

Picture: my wandering jew, Ahavah, that hangs on my front porch.

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