Empty Vessel


My master told me
To carry this vessel on earth.
He said, “Sometimes
It may feel heavy
and awkward.

Sometimes You may
want To put it down
Or carry inside of it
shame and guilt
About feeling lost,

As its purpose is not
Always something
You know or abide by.
But dont fill My vessel
with all of this.

Keep it empty, except
For the bounty of my love.
Collect all of this Love
and share it with others.
Always remember,
this vessel belongs to me,
And to me it shall return.”

I was sent here, A complex soul
With a simple task;
And In lifetimes of surrender
I will learn to do that,
And that alone,

Until my Master
Takes back this vessel
And lifts me up
To Bring me home.

  – jeffrey vionito

2 thoughts on “Empty Vessel

  1. Morgan says:

    Beautiful Jeffrey šŸ™‚

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