All I Know of


When our eyes meet
a magical forgetting begins,
Turning the you
I thought i knew,
into something more.

When i look into your eyes
I see you hidden in there,
The part that wishes
They didnt have to care
About what others think.

Lost in your eyes,
We are like two ends
of a long tunnel, meeting,
Trying to create an endless
Journey together.

These eyes of ours,
a mirror facing a mirror
Visions of forever
Completing themselves
Through two beings.

When i lose myself
In this gaze, in this kiss,
I dont know anymore
about The details
of what makes you.

I only want to be the one
That keeps you from the things
That try to break you.
I forget about your hair,
Soft and flowing like silk,

The clothes you dress in
To impress my senses, all
These scents and refinements
Like shiny rain drops, vanishing
from this cloud we stand on.

Lost in this blue ocean view
I dont even remember myself,
And all the things that make me.

All i know of, is this Love,
All i know of,  is this Love,
All i know of,  is this Love.

– jeffrey vionito

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