We Are One


On this plane of existence, God isnt wrapped in some idealistic pretty package of feathered wings or beings of radiant light expanding into the tethers of space and time.


In this realm God is found simply in the heart of every being, in the fabric of every creation and only our will to see that, gives us the freedom to feel the light drawn feathers of that growing presence.


Everyone sees what they want to see but it is ‘the want’ that attracts what we receive and if we focus our arrow of intention on seeing grace manifesting from the actions of others than we have the power to discover and reveal the constant miracles within our daily life.


It is important to leave the mind open to the possibilities of what lies beyond what we know to be real, because this always evolves.


But it is also important to be grounded in this reality, to uncover the magic of what we were sent here for.


To help one another, to feed each other, to come together as one people, one collective conscousness, one love.


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