Love and Compassion


There is an intriguing quality that exists inside the human condition.  The way that we can only feel the beauty of everything around us by first having that sensation rise up through us first.  For instance, a feather on the bottom of a foot can generate laughter. But it can be a sort of knee jerk reaction caused directly by something external.  It may not be as enjoyable as if someone made you laugh by something they said or did.  In this scenerio, something inside us resonates with what is, and we laugh out of joy.  The energy is felt within than it is expressed through us as laughter.

Similiar is the way of spiritual awakening.  Each person awakens in their own time when the conditions are ripe enough for them to feel it.  They can be surrounded in all the elements that cultivate it, but until something catches fire within them, it will never truly happen, and until that moment it will appear as something disturbing, bizarre or foreign.  Kind of like being tickled to death.  It makes them react but the reaction isnt coming from the same place.

It is the work of any spiritual aspirant to practice understanding and compassion towards those who do not understand or embrace such principles.  Although it may be easy to become proud or arrogant of such a position it only leads to a blinding ignorance when such qualities are displayed.  To remember the struggle that brought about such change within, is an important proponant to awakening, and to allow others to unfold in this way is everyone’s birthright.

Love, Honor and Respect.
Love, Serve, and Remember.

  – jeffrey vionito
  – picture by :   Zen Pictures – Zen Buddhism Wallpapers | Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love & Spirituality

2 thoughts on “Love and Compassion

  1. den169 says:

    An important reminder. Thanks.

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