Heart’s Desire


Desire existed before we got here or maybe we were the desire that birthed our forms into the world. Whether you believe in fate or random acts of creation it is undeniable how the earth created a space for each of us. No individual being is out of place in the arms of the divine mother. The atmosphere parts itself away just enough wherever we are standing so that we may be. The world responds to every impulse we make, that stimulates the environment in whichever way it unfolds. Whatever our actions project, we receive it, in the same intensity, in many other variations. To say we are born into this world and don’t belong here is the greatest miscalculation we could possibly speculate. We in fact, are here, because the universe responded to an action of one kind or another and did so with perfect accuracy of intention.

Who can say what that action was? Who could remember? Either way, the manifest world is born every day, bound by desire. It carries on into every new day, bound by desire. And it will even fall into its grave because our shell is fading away by the burning desire of our soul’s return home. Even the spiritual aspirant who refines their life so completely to not want for anything of worldly association, desires for union with Source. Desire is the burning dream that rages in the heart, when darkness and uncertainty looms. Desire is the hunger for the forbidden fruit and yet it is the longing of the faithful ship-hand that navigates the sails across the endless sea of our lives.

Desire is the hunger of the soul’s longing to be free. So to say that desire is a bad thing or a good thing wouldn’t be fair to say either. But maybe the more accurate thing to say is, if desire is fed through the needs of the mind than it isn’t as liberating as when desires are fed through the needs of the heart. Or maybe even to say, that liberation comes from the proper combination of desire as it is fed between both the heart and mind, is a better conclusion.

To paraphrase one of the greatest poets of our time, Mary Oliver, we do indeed have ‘one wild and precious life’ here on earth. And we often find ourselves asking, ‘What am I going to do with it?’ Something deep within me, seems to convince me every day, that the same desire that brought each of us here, is the same one we need to fuel. At some point in our childhood, before the world told us what kind of life we should live, we were all painter, writers, musicians, inventors, and dreamers of earth shattering possibility. Before society put us in school and began our programming into society there was an innate desire within us, do you remember it? Can you remember the overwhelming zeal you had when you lived in those moments of creativity so perfectly? Can you remember how full of life you were that it would feel almost as if you were in heaven? Maybe the way our hearts sing in time like those are the setting free of the desires that brought here. Maybe fulfilling those innate dreams are the catalysts we always needed in order to fulfill our wants of living in this earthly experience. And somewhere along the way we realize that it was the divine mother all along, guiding us through, transcending us through this human experience.



5 thoughts on “Heart’s Desire

  1. aubreysarch says:

    Beautiful portrayal. I truly enjoyed this!

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