The Colors of Grace


One day a young boy was walking through the park when he came upon a clearing between the trees and noticed a full and brilliant rainbow as wide as the surrounding neighborhood. Being that this was his first time ever seeing one, besides the many stories he read in his younger years, he became curious as to why rainbows exist.

The boy saw an older man flying a kite next to the water fountain in the parks center and decided to ask him if he knew. Approaching the man he said, “Excuse me Sir, do you know why rainbows exist?” The old man looked down at him and replied in a stern and commanding voice, “Rainbows are a symbol of God’s promise that he will never destroy the world by way of a deluge ever again!” Seeing the boy was slightly disturbed by his reply, he softened his approach by further saying, “It is a reminder of God’s mercy on mankind, you see.” The boy, still puzzled at the old man’s response, accepted it as a possibility and continued down the path.

After walking a few minutes, while the rainbow was still in full bloom, he came upon a park ranger as she was rescuing a baby bird that fell from a tree. The boy was very concerned for the fledgling but still needed his mystery solved, “Excuse me Miss, do you know why rainbows exist?” Scooping up the baby bird in her glove and placing it inside of a ventilated box, the park ranger smiled and said, “Well, young sir, the atmosphere is full of moist air particles from the rain we had this morning. When the moisture mixes with the sun’s rays, a prismatic effect happens within each particle and projects the many colors you see above you right now!” The young boy, although fascinated by this story, felt as if there was something more profound at play but said thank you anyway and kept on about his way.

As the rainbow started to disappear into the late morning sky, the boy decided to sit on top of the tree stump at the end of the nature trail and watch as it made its mystical farewell from the sky. He gazed in completeness upon the bands of color and thought of all the many things he had ever seen and how they all hold the same tonal shades as a rainbow does.   The boy saw everything created in the inspiration of a rainbow and he saw an aspect of rainbow in everything he saw that day. Overwhelmed with peace and open to the eternal hope that this magical experience brought to him, he thought of the old man and God’s promise too. And then he sighed and said to himself, “God sure knows how to remind us of how very blessed we all are, to see his promise of grace in everything we see in the world.”


~                                              ~                                              ~



There are many ways to raise awareness of God or Universal Consciousness. Some may find comfort in using science to unravel the mysteries of the universe and hope to find answers that way. Others may pull their knowledge from stories and religious text to guide them towards the One. But never underestimate the innate ability we all possess, to feel the intuitive presence of nature’s harmony. Before the concepts and teachings, before language and the discovery of scientific method, nature has always been silently connected and bonded in a uni-versal (one-whole) state of being. With the greatest intention, all ways can lead to the higher awareness of the divine truth. But when considering the idea of returning to our own natural intuitive state of being, the universe will unravel the mystery of who we think we are, and allow the greater understanding to flow through us.



~parable and summary: jeffrey vionito


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