Breaking into Self Love


Somethings just can’t be fixed.  It is almost as if the qualities that we find ourselves trying to run from are a part of who we are.   But something throughout the day triggers the need for it, and the more effort that is put into denying it, the more it has a draw on us.  Still the persistance of the mind tries to overcome these habits that develop shame, guilt and unworthiness.  And the more the mind falls against this shore of sandy solidarity, the deeper the coveting pool of lower emotions begin to swell.  And these emotions can create a whirlpool of unacceptance that only seem to find approval from performing the habit itself.  Thus the cycle perpetuates over and over.

But what if the very thing that can stop this cycle has nothing to do with this cycle?  What if mentally detaching from the wave and the shore is all that is needed to be free?  What if at this moment we said to ourselves i am going to Love myself, no matter what this body does or what this mind will follow suit with?

Anyone who is talented in surf boarding may tell you that it is not the matter of conquering the waves or resisting the wiped out end of the shoreline, but instead the learning of how to embrace each one in its own way.  Learning how to accept ourselves for who we really are, amidst these many variations of our being, is the only way we can rise above and transcend them.

It is true, these qualities may always remain, but they will also know and maintain their miminal position in our lives.  And soon these qualities become a small and unique part of what makes our human experience a special one.

jeffrey vionito

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