We are all Perfect


What version of perfect
were you expecting to see?
The mind, a void vastly filled
of our own devices, manifesting
journeys of expectation.

We push beyond limits, imagined.
We acquire things, to conquer
the forgetful pains of wanting.
Are we all not the same being?

Don’t we all
build our own unique story
as pioneers of inner courage,
seeking to conquer our fears,
and be found whole hearted
in the rapture of Self Love?

So often we create
a purpose to uncover truth.
A path made rocky thick
and jungle leafy wild, built
from the focus of our own
creative shadows, a side effect
of our lasting greatness.

It is profound reminder,
Of the inner light
always shining within.

But how often
do we watch the projector’s
bright light
while a movie is playing?

– jeffrey vionito

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