Call of the Heart


You deserve a love
enduring and sweet,
always in growing
honor and reverence.
You deserve a love
that radiates,
from the inside out.
When the heart is felt,
open up.  This message,
a flower in its season,
to behold completely.
You deserve the sun’s
warm drops of nectar,
glazed upon each petal,
and the breath
of ripened release,
scented with the pollen
of this star’s affection.
Every whim that brings
lasting inner joy, a golden
voice calling out,
from the One
that brought
us here.

jeffrey vionito

Painting by Lenoid Afremov)

3 thoughts on “Call of the Heart

  1. nicolettak says:

    Love is truly the only way to break out of the illusion of separation. This poem is wonderful!

    • Thank you Nicole! Im so glad it resonated with you. You are so right and its so critical in this day and age to not only practice towards one another but more importantly to our own self. In this way we reflect naturally that greater quality. 🙂

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