The Seeing Shell


I pressed my ear against the shell,
Heard the waves of the ocean in my room
As they spilled into my conical sense.

I closed my eyes and had visions,
saw the sandy beach lowering down
As water rushed over its smooth body.

I bit my tongue and tasted the sea,
Cringed at the salt wound and smiled
As tears like raindrops fell to the wound.

i gathered my life in one breath,
Became dizzy from the scent of the wind
Carrying this liquid night dream to me.

I pressed this shell against my mind
Ripples of reality touched down my spine
From a distant place spiraling within.

Sea shell against ear well, i hear you.
Nautical bone speaker amplifying
All the living waterways of my heart.

You are a remant of an unknown place
Echoing the quiet journey of my life.
I look to you, to dream.  To see beyond.

Yet Listening close, you have led me
into the ocean of my own being
To hear what has always been there.

In this moment i stand in wonder
As the sand and the waves of these bones
Unravel me in peaceful silence.

– jeffrey vionito

Picture by:   bing images keyword ‘sea shell’

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