Some people say

the water doesn’t speak

But listen,


As it drips through

A mind in the middle

Of midnight’s sleep.


They say the fire

has not a pair of eyes,

But watch


As it burns in a gaze,

Lighting up every emotion

found in a moment.


There is a doubt

that air can touch freedom.

But feel


As it washes over

Skin, caressing obstacles

And moves beyond.


Many question

that the earth can breathe.

But inhale


its coarse skin,

exfoliating a scent of nature

through its pores.


The world hungers

with a soul emptied palette,

but feast divinely


as emptiness looms

in the mortal belly. Abundance

rises from beyond


the five senses, subsiding —

higher perception is the ethereal table

that leaves no one hungry.


–          Jeffrey Vionito

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  1. You have an interesting blog

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