Fading into the Unknown


Some people say
that water doesnt speak.
But listen,

As it drips through
A mind, on the edge
Of midnight’s cup.

They say that fire
Does not have a pair of eyes.
But watch

As it burns in a gaze,
Lighting up every emotion
found in a day.

Some may even doubt
That air can touch freedom.
But feel it,

As it washes over
Skin, caressing obstacles,
And moves beyond.

Many will question
That the earth can breathe.
But inhale it,

The essence of soil
Exfoliates a scent of nature
Through its pores.

The cynical Mind
starves for the etheral palate.
Yet this feast within

Is the true abundance,
Resting behind the stepping stones
Of five senses vanishing

Like five elements fading
Into the unknown, beyond the cradle
Of our cosmic realm.

-jeffrey vionito

3 thoughts on “Fading into the Unknown

  1. Morgan says:

    Lovely Jeffrey 🙂 Blessings for a Week End filled with Inspiration and Peace~

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