Being Here Now


Being Here Now


Being here now is a winding labyrinth,

following its own ebon gaze

through each pathway as a puzzle of life.

Each turn, wind, or victory is a surprise in life,

it makes you who you are.


Being here now can also relate

to a hand woven quilt, each pattern

stitched with love and affection.

Each pattern can relate to a specific

time of emotion, and brings back

memories with the feel of fuzz

from a delicate bumble bee.


Being here right now,

at this very moment is a gift,

you might say,

and indeed it is.



~ Rebecca Vionito ( at 11 years old )


This poem was written by my daughter while she took part in one of my Poetic Gathering Workshops.  After a guided meditation, each person drew three pieces of paper out of 2 bowls.  One bowl contained images to include in the poem they had to write.  The other bowl contained a topic.  Her topic was ‘Being Here Now’  The other 2 images were, ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘fuzz of a bumble bee’.



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