The Paradox of Being Still


Sometimes we say to ourselves that we need some quiet time. We say we need stillness in our lives, to become still. We need isolation to become receptive of all the many things that surround us.  But even in stillness, are we ever really still?

Through a scientific eye there is so much activity that takes place in a human body.  Blood flows, breathing, expanding contracting, consuming and exuding.  Cells constantly grow and repair, die and give way to birth.  Even in the stillness of our own meditation, molecules like galaxies are orbiting around their reactions to the sun and stimulus of our environment.

So in the paradox of our ‘still’ moments, what does stillness exactly mean?  When i look into those quiet times, one thing that i actually gain is the increased awareness of who i am, the true nature of being.  Its a position of being neutral and observational, to witness the world unfolding around me and yet allow myself to experience it with clarity.  When that awareness is strong within me, every activity possesses a certain level of ‘stillness’ that wasnt there before.

Just as easily as i could sit quietly and have my own mind possess the constant bustle of a train station,  an active person living a busy life has the ability to maintain a peaceful stillness within their being.

Perhaps, to say that this state evolves from a physical position of stillness is more of a strategy the mind uses to justify what it needs in order to cooperate with our higher nature.  But whenever i look for the one that states these conditions for conscious awareness, its presence begins to fade away.  And by developing an active awareness in daily life, and letting go of the conditional mind, the capacity to always live in that state of ‘stillness’ becomes less of a ‘doing’ and more of a ‘being’.

– jeffrey vionito

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