Peace of my Pieces


You are my peace
When i see my world
In tiny pieces

A cluster of puzzle
Falls light as confetti
When i call to you;

My devotional voice,
The only true sanity, holding
My world together

As a mother holds
Her young, resting forehead
Upon her baby’s brow —

You soothe my mind
In ways that words could not
begin to breathe.

Keep me fixed on you
Heart upon heart, upon intention
Wave upon wave, upon sea

Breathe me, so I can be.
Carry me in your heavenly arms
To awaken in your lullaby.

– jeffrey vionito

7 thoughts on “Peace of my Pieces

  1. I very rarely comment on these posts, but I assumed this on deserved a
    big thankyou

    • James. A big thank you to you brother. It came from a very tender place in me. Sometimes letting go to the divine is the only way to get past our obstacles. I write like this often.

  2. Zoe Marshall says:

    Exceptionally fascinating piece of writing

  3. Carter Perry says:

    Hi, brilliant suggestion and an exciting post, it’ll be exciting if this is still the state of affairs in a few years time

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