Oh My Subtle Ego


The subtle ego says i am
Until it feels the human condition
ache, and at the heart it breaks.

The subtle ego say i am nothing
Until it feels the passing mortal wound
Of someone telling it, that it is.

The subtle ego says i am humble
Until the cold bitter sting of another one
Publically slaps it in the face.

The subtle ego is a strong, silent
Ghost that stays hidden;
The mercenary at the king’s side.

It holds onto the center and says
“Ah, this is it, i am already here”
And then the Divine foot kicks

It in the ass and leaves it alone,
To second guess.  When all the while
Their was no foot and no ass,

Just a kaleidescope smile
On a chesire cat, chasing a shadow
Caused by his cosmic tail.

Who really knows what all this means Maybe one day we shall see, or maybe
thats just my subtle ego talking.

  – jeffrey vionito
Picture by: http://ego-alterego.com/2013/01/body-language-paintings-by-pier-toffoletti/

2 thoughts on “Oh My Subtle Ego

  1. tracymartin says:

    Very nice jeffrey – better than like.

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