The Teacher


Its the same as it ever was
The way each day comes and goes;
As a child I was the center

Of a world, spinning
In an orbit of my own command
I would follow my elders

But live in an imagination
That moved mountains and moons
Even from a grounded corner

Of the ‘never really’ living room.
As i grew older i lost my dreaming mind
In the chains of making a living.

My senses were a wand
That the sticky cotton candy strands
Of the world wrapped around,

Suffocating in a sweetness
That could only attract flies. who
is this one buying all these lies?

Always stuck in between
the middle of ‘how it is supposed to be’
And the limitless stretch

Of reality.  These senses
Are the same as they ever were
A luminous wand, folded

Onto itself, always looking,
Looking, for something to feel.
Always seeking out

Without looking deep
In the hollow space inside,
Where the birds sing

And the branches part
Just enough so the sunlight
Can shine through.

But Deep in the hollow space
An owl sits quietly with my senses
Ready to experience it all

In the stillness of ‘As it is’
And looks for all the nooks and crannies
That lead me back to the truth.

Deep in the hollow space
My mind dies into the everything
And bows to the teacher

That lives inside of nature
That lives inside of chaos and harmony
That lives inside of you.

Deep in the hollow space
My mind falls in love with the Beloved
As she tells me all about my Self.

– jeffrey vionito

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