The Divine Pull


Life calls to us softly
Through soft ears, as a kitten
When they are off in a scurry,
Chasing a wild yarn, eyes
Big and round as a plot unfolds
on the playful hunt
Of new things Flying by;
A bird, a dream; wonders
of youth, a fragile kindling
Of Balance; don’t bother
to smother or fan quickly,
But lightly feather
With the breath of hope
And the baby Lion’s brave heart —
Or watch it as it fades, fades
into constant raindrops
That dampen and haze.
Just like a newpaper gathers
the sky, as it sits on the porch.

– jeffrey vionito

2 thoughts on “The Divine Pull

  1. Ascension Angel says:

    Dear One… you are so gifted 😉

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