To Rebecca


How can i help remind you

of how important you are to me?

Such a great distance between us,

It’s like crossing the deep blue sea.


So I think of all that is beautiful

because of things so far away

The sun bathes the flowers in its light,

in the distance of its loving ray.


The ships in the ocean are grateful

for the moon way up in the sky.

The tides mesmorized by lunar bliss

dancing gently the boats drift by.


The clouds float so far away from us

passing by as if they don’t even care

till they gift us with cool sun showers

making a rainbow way up in the air.


We never even seen our ancestors

hundreds of years have passed away

if it wasn’t for thought of our future

where would we be today?


so you see just like all things in nature

we are beyond what we say and do

no matter the distance between us

there’s no distance in my Love for you.


~ Jeffrey Vionito

Picture by:

I wrote this for my daughter several years ago and mailed it to her in a book format with pictures I drew to caption each stanza.  The picture isn’t of her, she is much older now.  But the image was too cute not to share! 🙂



6 thoughts on “To Rebecca

  1. What a beautiful piece for your daughter 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ascension Angel says:

    Gosh.. this made me cry. Jeffrey, you have a heart as big as the world 😀

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