The Sacrifice of Fear


There comes a time in the journey of spiritual evolution when one not only must face their fears but also must learn to set them free. Everything that brings a focus to fear, leads us into a deeper understanding of our current position in awareness. At one point in time it may have been a trigger to run in the opposite direction. But eventually there will be a clear direction that is infused with your soul’s highest intention to live passionately. This path will be lined with the very thing you were running from, and it is only by quietly attuning to the awakening mind, that fear becomes our greatest sacrifice. It is an indicator of where we are and leads us towards the state of being we are meant to live from.

As the soul comes alive with the thought of doing something life changing, bold, and daring; something that can transcend the borders of our comfort zones and help to discover the inner Self more deeply, allow it to embrace this opportunity with Love. Let fear be like the dry timber that builds a pyre for a self-doubting mind, and watch as Love’s eternal fire, burns away this false death so that nothing but our true nature remains.


~ Jeffrey Vionito

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2 thoughts on “The Sacrifice of Fear

  1. joedalio says:

    Thank you for this excellent message! I’ve learned recently that it’s ok to have fear. We just can’t let it stop us from moving in the direction God intends for us. Instead, we can use it as a motivator to get us there 🙂

    • Yes! Ive recently began overcoming my fear of talking in groups of people and sharing the healing message. Im finding that the more i overcome this, the more i help others and the more my own spiritual development grows. Its a beautiful process to experience im learning to embrace 🙂 peace to you brother

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