A Poetic Gathering

10348752_700147573389674_3342842381402629506_oToday was a beautiful day with close friends as I opened my house to having a ‘Poetic Gathering”  We began with a guided meditation that I led and we chanted a mantra together, to raise our awareness to expand into the spiritual poetry that was about to be shared.


Friends and new friends brought poems they wrote and books from poets like Rumi, Hafiz, many Spiritual teachers and just about anything that helped expand on the spiritual evolution.


Each poem seemed to represent a likeness to a certain experience that someone had in the past, so we discussed those topics in depth and helped each other deepen our understanding by offering a different viewpoint.  Sometimes I know , we like to think we are the only ones that experience a hardships like the kind we deal with individually.  Spiritual discussion brings us back to the view point that we are spirit first and all of this human experience is not the end of us.  In fact it is very common and we are not alone.  We are connected, as One universal consciousness.  (That’s me, black shirt and glasses 🙂 )


Definitely left us all with something to think about for days to come.  And at the end we all shared in eating dinner,  a homemade pot of Kitchris.  This is an Indian dish made with split mung beans, Potato, Rice, I want to say its kind of like a yellow curry type stew.  Felt like a home style comfort food but very healthy.

We also shared this hilarious and very relatable poem by another friend that wasn’t there.  Very Shel Silverstein-like.  Our friend Tom Cornish wrote this one.  Enjoy!



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