The Beloved’s Gems


Who knows the dust of gold
and precious sacred stones that shine
In the sunlight of grace?

These subtle gems that linger
even before our gratitude has a voice.
The Beloved tosses them like seeds,

But when they are seen,
coveting becomes the human way.
Like panning for gold,

and sifting through dirt
to uncover these precious mysteries
planted in perfect timing,

so the harvest can be
consumed completely, like a grape
cracking open to a gorge

of cool sweetness
exploding with the unseen
bounty from within.

The gems surface
from spiritual meditation
and divine prayer,

the gems are excavated from
The cave walls of future and past
as pockets of present,

The gems are crafted in art,
books and all of the creativity found
In how we let loose and play,

The gems are born
From the way we find Love
In everyone we meet.

But just as a Lover
lavishes their dearest companion
with alluring jewels,

let them not be coveted
as dearly, as the one that sent them.
To the Beloved they are all

just stones of sweet surrender
connecting us with our highest intention
of awakening into her infinite arms.

  – jeffrey vionito

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