Tall Old Trees


There is something to be said
About tall old trees.   wisdom
oozes out from their thick bark
And Branches reach out far
as roots burrow deep.  There is
something in the way it greets
the living, like a grandmother,
gathers children.  Birds flock
To its safety of shade and can
still feel freedom, as weather
moves its branches in wonder.
Leaves grow like day dreams;
Translucent stars, green hope
Ripening in gold, to fall away
Upon a wishing patchwork;
A warm blanket for the ground.
There is always a silent sway
Of life that yields to its gentle
breathing of breezy abandon;
The same way a rocking chair
Cradles the restless, to relax
At the end of a busy day.

– jeffrey vionito

Picture by: The Auburn oaks and oaks in your yard – CSMonitor.com

2 thoughts on “Tall Old Trees

  1. They truly are amazing….loved this. 🙂

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