Call of Response


A Prayer of Response

Carry me away in divine spirit.
The secret voice of Mother Nature.
A state of being, before religion
and language created this duality.
Bring me to a place of forgetting,
so a clear remembering can grow,
with the truth that moves me in each day.
No matter the story that inspires me,
through this living experience,
create inside of me, a deeper version.
Bring me to a quiet place within,
that the roots of an oak expand in.
Rest me in the stillness of a winter owl,
from the frozen branch it sings from,
in the midnight filled with snow.
There is natural freedom in the way,
seeds of life blow in the spring wind,
and grow in continuous immortality
through healing light of the day’s sun
and dark richness of fertile soil.
Oh Mother, you call out from this place,
in every way that is green unfolding
and primal as a homing force within.
You are the awakening in my pulse
reaching out in each subtle beat.
Just as the blue bird chirps loudly,
flying from tree to tree,  in search
of its fledgling that has fallen hastily
from its nest.  Uncommon is the lull
of busy thoughts, to hear your call.
Uncreate me into your secret voice,
so that, from seeking, I may transcend
to a place of deeper harmony.
Eternally Being as One, beyond effort,
with all that is in your creating.

– jeffrey vionito

Picture by: Tutt’Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica |: Josephine Wall 1947 ~ Mystical Fantasy painter

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