A Way of Seeing


I was traveling down a two lane road this morning on the way to work.  There was a truck in front of me in the right hand lane and in the other lane there were three cars.  I thought to myself how maybe it would be a good idea to change lanes so i can get to work faster.  But as I was thinking, the truck in front of me changed to the left lane instead, leaving the right lane open.

Sometimes the universe works this way with our lives.   So often we try to do something on our own or overthink our position in order to guarantee an outcome, when all the while, the higher power is paving a way to achieve the highest intention or the best position for us to be in, at that point in time.

To know when to change course and to know when to stay is definately a tough decision but in the midst of devotion and surrender to the higher consciousness we allow an intuitive process to take place.  In this mindset we practice a more natural awareness to patience and understanding.  When attuned to these qualities sometimes the moment before the decision opens subtle window of seeing, that enables us to have a glimpse of which road the universe has plans to open up for us.  What a beautiful place to live from? What stresses could one experience when this intuitive center is activated and makes us aware that everything in one way shape or form is part of a greater purpose?  Of course it is, all we need do is open up to the possibility of it, and watch it unfold.

– jeffrey vionito

4 thoughts on “A Way of Seeing

  1. Morgan says:

    AMEN 🙂 Oh I needed this today..AMEN 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful Inspiration!

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