Blue Sky Awakens


One day the earth looked up
And asked the sky,
“Why are you so blue?”

The sky looked down and said,
“Look at me, i am only one;
the same through and through.

You have mountains, oceans
Green trees and snow fall.
Seasons change in time
Only to accentuate your beauty.

And even when the sun
Shines its golden rays,
It shines brightly through me
Just to get to you.”

The earth moved quietly,
Turning around in thought
it felt the weight of the sky
Deeply Consume its soil.

Its waters trickled and splashed
From the tears that fell
From the glooming of passing clouds,

And then slowly began
To cook from the suns open view
burning effortlessly and focused
on the earth’s ponderings.

Finally, the seas rose up,
Crashing waves fiercely across
The sandy shores and dunes,

The mountains bursted open
In fiery volcanic explosions,
Gushing with the heat of the sun
Collected deep in its core.

Finally the earth began to let go
Of the emotions stirred by the sky’s
Sympathetic plea, and spoke.

“My dear friend, if only
You had the eye, to see your curse
Is really a blessing.  You are always a witness
and never holding fast to change.

This beauty i can never possess,
it comes and goes, Fades and returns
As a bitter sweet cycle
Of holding on and letting go.

The beauty you see, is beauty indeed,
But only through observing eyes.
You are blue with royal hue but
you wear it heavily on your crown.

I dont see you at all, without help
From the clouds and the sun
The Moon and the pieces of me that fly
Through your wind.

Blue sky up high, you complain
But all along you hold the beauty
In your expansive view, not
By what is done or what you do.”

As the sun rose up high
Into this new day’s epiphany,
the sky looked within itself
And saw clouds melting in sunrise.

And in this moment, it began To blush
in the many shades of color
that could only come
from Of inner peace and joy.

– jeffrey vionito

Picture: taken on the way to work this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Blue Sky Awakens

  1. Zara says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! both your words and imagery!

  2. Morgan says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

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