I Wish I Was You


“I wish I was you and you were me,

oh how different this life would be”,


said the weeping willow to the ocean.


The tree swayed in want and waned,

losing the momentum it once gained,

in the prime of unstoppable youth

now standing in a slump and aloof.


Looking upon the ocean with envy,

as waves crash against the rock levy,

so peaceful yet full of jovial life

nothing ever planted or fixed in strife,


but enveloping a whole world like no other

each birth embracing you as a mother,

that eternally loves, giving and renewing

feeling each move without any doing.


You are waking calm in majestic spaces,

unattached by the many external faces

of whatever moves you quickly to land

you fill with their capacity to expand.


“I wish I was you and you were me,

Oh how different this life would be.”


Said the ocean to the weeping willow.


The ocean was reaching and lulling low,

losing momentum of the stormy flow

that raged in the flooding rain of its loins

drowning poor from these wanting coins.


Looking up toward a tree in complete jealousy

A dreaming current of wondrous curiosity.

You are always rooted and poised, silent and serene

never wishy-washy as a liquid ravine.


A willow is a humble sanctuary for all of humanity,

refuge to creatures and ones of winged levity,

that eternally gives without doing a thing

whether its winter, summer, fall or spring.


You sway in calm, with enlightened whips

of leaves echoing windy with the sound of my wavy tips,

and yet grounded in every give and take

That your supple limbs will bend, not break.


They gazed at one another feeling incomplete;

An ocean at the shore of a treeโ€™s rooted feet.

As a witness I see the romance of this scene

a poignant paradox for together they are serene.


Incomplete is a product born of thought

at least that is what seems to be taught,

When factors begin to weigh either side

What matters the most begins to hide.


If only you loved you, and if only I loved me,

with no desire to be an ocean, nor one to be a tree,

but to enjoy the greatness inside of each other

oh how we would exist beyond bliss forever as lovers.


~ jeffrey vionito


Picture by: http://www.wallpaperhi.com/Nature/Seasons/autumn_season_willow_2560x1600_wallpaper_90666


4 thoughts on “I Wish I Was You

  1. Ascension Angel says:

    Awesome Jeffrey, awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. iithinks says:

    Hey Jeffery ๐Ÿ™‚ I sent you an email but im not sure if it went through. If it didn’t could you please contact me at ihsanjaffer@gmail.com? Im looking for a little guidance/help/advice

    Thank you brother and much love as always!

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