The Source of all Love


There is so much love to be experienced in this world and we all seem to yearn at some point in our lives for that ultimate moment of permanent connection with another. Inside of that connection something amazing happens. The logical mind compromises its position for the happiness that our heart-felt intuition provides, and that experience far outweighs anything that our mind could perceive as exceptional.

A topic that came up for me this weekend that I would like to share is the power of choosing the path of our yearning when it comes to Love. The personal discovery or advice I would Love to express is, don’t be so eager to fall in love with anyone or try to find the love you feel you are personally lacking, in anyone, until you have begun the journey of falling in love with yourself first.

This is clearly easier said than done. So often we search for someone to balance or complete us, to tame our ego mind and show us the unconditional love we often yearn for. But what if we instead, shift our focus towards our own being, into the quiet untapped stillness that we go to when we try to concentrate on one thing? What if we focus on the One that expands within us and allows us the space to fill up with the knowledge of whatever it is we are studying?

For example, as a child I went to school and sat in a class room quietly and the teacher taught a lesson. In order to learn the lesson I had to focus, I had to create a space of silence that could allow me to take in the information that was taught. Within that space of focus my mind became open to take in the knowledge that was shared. But what if, for the sake of our own self-discovery, we focus on our own being as the teacher, and create a space of focus to learn from the unknown part of our consciousness? What if we asked that higher level of consciousness the question, “Who am I?”

To allow our self the opportunity to explore that question and expand in that space completely gives us the opportunity to discover what makes us who we really are. Losing our mind in that silent wonder until nothing but a smile remains from our heart-felt intuitive center is a key proponent to our well-being.

When we reach a level of awareness of that place, observe how much you discover the everyday beauty in everything around you. Notice how much lighter the conscious flow that leads to love surroundings you. When this moment comes,   finding love in another is not a seeking but a seeing. It is not a doing or a needing desire, but instead a state being. Having this awareness helps us make healthier choices of who is the best companion that can complement a more sensible and balanced life. And you will seek less for happiness in another, as a condition of your own happiness but instead you may see the flow of happiness from your own being spreading to the hearts of others and be able to witness the flow as it returns to you. This is a product of Self Love. It’s not a selfish love, in reality, there is nothing more selfless than our own journey of self-discovery.

~ Jeffrey Vionito

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5 thoughts on “The Source of all Love

  1. Ascension Angels says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Beautifully expressed. Thank you Jeffrey 🙂

  2. tracymartin says:

    Lovely Jeffrey-well said. I too appreciate the idea of seeing ourselves as our own teacher. For years, we look to others to teach us who we are and what we should do. Blessed is the day when we embrace the inner guru – and the Universe begins to flow in and fill up whatever we thought we lacked!

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