Higher Love

mystical_fantasy_paintings_kb_Wall_Josephine-Nature_BoyI gave my heart to the higher love
And she gave it back a thousand fold.
I crawled in a river of inner silence
And she showered me in rays of gold.

I measured my whole life unworthy
And she turned the mirror so i could see,
That through this blinding reflection
her loving light was burning inside me.

I surrendered all i thought i was
she revealed what i have always been
As these walls of perceptions shatter
A mind expands across the horizon.

I gave my heart to the higher Love
and this path of self doubt is vanishing,
converting my fears to healing tears
Rushing freedom from eternal spring.

jeffrey vionito

picture by: http://www.wallcoo.net/paint/the_fantasy_world_of_josephine_wall/mystical_fantasy_paintings_kb_Wall_Josephine-Nature_Boy.html

2 thoughts on “Higher Love

  1. iithinks says:

    As always – lovely!

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