A Lioness Knows


A lioness knows

the only true knowledge

is that of the heart;


Spirit guides her to heal

in the kind wisdom

that comes from the feel


of intuition, guiding

her higher flow of thought.

A lioness that knows, is —


A queen, wild in tenderness;

fearless with a compassionate

thriving of untamed joy.


Free as the tall blades of grass

held in caress of the wind,

her senses dance in the subtle


essence of the Beloved,

tuning in, to the vibrations born

of her crystal bowls


and wand, turning

around each healing sound

awaking sleepy souls,


a lioness knows

the frequency of the heart

and the subtle touch


that never touches skin

but works its mending love in,

helping others to rise


into a gentler flow

of their lives, a lioness knows

the roar of life


when the mind

struggles, and the heart

conquers fiercely,


a lioness knows

that knowledge of Divine Love

is all the only might


that makes right

the world that we live.

A lioness knows


that happiness grows

from Self Love’s presence expanding,

to give, and give, and give.


jeffrey vionito

A tribute to a dear friend on her birthday 🙂


picture by:  http://www.listofimages.com/lion-grass-rest-mother-child-lioness-animals.html






2 thoughts on “A Lioness Knows

  1. malaika says:

    what a beautiful birthday gift for your friend! thank you for sharing 🙂

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