The Journey


This ground beneath me
Is an open hand, of her arm’s
length, stretching with
Open road.

The sky above me,
a  breath of her lungs,
Keeping a lifetime filled
with air to  breathe.

My Mother’s true nature
Surrounds me.  To guide me
With loving light
When i think i can’t see.

Her lessons chirping
Soft or thundering loud,
And abundance ripples
as water and cloud.

I am always lost; in her
embrace.  Always alone;
inside her grace. Always i suffer;
when i forget her way.

But she reminds me,
In the palm of her hand,
no matter where i walk,
within her, is where I am.

– jeffrey vionito

2 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. A very comforting poem…as Mother Nature nurtures, guides, teaches and provides for us. Love it!

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