Mystical Balloons


Life lends itself to the living,

always finding the ways

to fill us up on the things

that will lift us high above.

Lighter than air, seems

a temporal wink

of the passing lady of time,

that helps us soar

on string and light,

making our deepest colors

glow warm and bright.

Thin is our skin

a brilliant veil that gives form,

making free spirit,

a measurable thing,

drunk on the wine of this wild life

as it tries to define a way;

sobering our elusive curves

so we don’t fly too far away.

But still we climb over time,

high into the unknown

beyond the weatherly burden of cloud

beyond the feathery guardians

that sing so loud

we climb and climb and climb and pop…

letting go of our string and knot.

Free at last! Free at last, to see beyond

this veil, and expand into the sky

that was always within–

waiting for us to finally exhale.


~ jeffrey vionito

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4 thoughts on “Mystical Balloons

  1. Ascension Angel says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    This is awesome… thank you Jeffery 🙂

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